Split subscription costs exclusively with crypto payments and withdrawal

Pay in crypto your subscriptions…

  1. Choose a shared service to subscribe
  2. Pay with crypto
  3. Receive access from the vendor
  4. Renew payment when required

No account needed to buy. Just an email and cryptocurrencies.

Or get paid for your unused?

  1. Register as Vendor and choose service to share
  2. Subscriber pays for your account share
  3. Get paid at each subscription deadline
  4. (Or cancel share if not paid)

No password shared, just a link.

All subscriptions categories

Finally a real use for your crypto-currencies

  • Split subscription costs online or with friends using crypto payments
  • Save money on all your subscriptions
  • You can share the unused places of your subscriptions online / with your friends to receive crypto
  • Your subscription and financial informations stay private

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